– Creation of Companhia Mineira de Água e Esgotos (COMAG)


– Institution of the “National Sanitation Plan” – Plano Nacional de Saneamento (PLANASA)


– Change of the Company’s name to Companhia de Saneamento de Minas Gerais – COPASA MG


– Registration as a closely held Corporation


– IPO, with the shares being listed in B3’s (formerly BM&FBOVESPA) Novo Mercado listing segment


– Approval of Federal Law 11,445/2007 (Sanitation Law)

– Creation of three wholly owned subsidiaries:

• COPASA Serviços de Saneamento Integrado do Norte e Nordeste de Minas Gerais (COPANOR)

• COPASA Águas Minerais de Minas

• COPASA Serviços de Irrigação


– Secondary Public Offering of Shares (Follow-on)


– Creation of the Minas Gerais State Water and Sewage Services Regulatory Agency (ARSAE-MG)


– Organizational restructuring, with a reducition in the number of Executive Officers, commissioned positions and employees.


–  Beginning of Disclosure of the Multi-annual Investment Plan (five years)

– Opening of the Reporting Channel – Ethics Line Channel

– Increase in capital stock (BRL128.4 million)

– Implementation of Collegiate Management

– Institution of Anti-Corruption Policy

– Activities of subsidiaries COPASA Serviços de Irrigação and COPASA Águas Minerais de Minas are discontinued

2017 and 2018

– Improvement of Corporate Governance:

• Creation of the Superintendence of Compliance

• Implementation of the Statutory Audit Committee

• Revision/institution of Governance Policies

2019 and 2020

– Amendment to the Bylaws, reducing the maximum number of executive areas from 8 to 5.

– Review/introduction of Governance Policies, highlighting:

• Gifts and Presents Policy

• Conflict of Interest Policy

• Internal Controls Policy

• Policy for Donations and Sponsorships

• Integrity Due Diligence Policy

• Corporate Risk Management Policy

• Corporate Governance Policy

• Meetings Policy

– Development of the Integrity Plan, highlighting the following actions:

• Integrity Workshop

• Third-party companies/partners training

• International Anti-Corruption Day

• Internal campaign “COPASA IN COMPLIANCE”

– Training of the members of Management, Fiscal Council and COAUDI carried out annually through its own and contracted teams.

– Assessment of the members of the Board of Directors, Statutory Audit Committee (COAUDI), Fiscal Council and Executive Board, performed on an annual basis.

Recent Updates

– Introduction of the Compensation Policy;

– Review of various Company’s governance policies, in particular the Disclosure and Trading Policy and the Statutory Members’ Nomination and Eligibility Policy;

– Introduction of the Code of Conduct and Integrity for Suppliers;

– Changes and update of the Code of Conduct and Integrity;

– Review of the Internal Regiment of the Board of Directors, the Fiscal Council, the Statutory Audit Committee and the Executive Board.