Headquartered in Belo Horizonte and with more than 55 years of history, COPASA is among the largest sanitation companies in Brazil. Currently, COPASA has its shares traded in B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, under the ticker CSMG3, and is listed in Novo Mercado, a segment that requires higher commitment to transparency and corporate governance rules.

In accordance with the Company‘s Bylaws, its activities are:


» Supply of drinking water: collection, treatment and distribution of treated water to final consumers;

» Sanitary sewage: collection, transport, treatment and final disposal of sewage, from the building connection to the final disposal in the environment;

» Urban cleaning and solid waste management: collection, transportation, transshipment, treatment and final destination of urban waste and garbage produced by street sweeping and cleaning.

In December 2020, COPASA owned 640 concessions for the provision of water supply services, serving 11.8 million people through 5.5 million units, and 310 sewage concessions, serving 8.3 million people with sewage services through 3.8 million units.

Throughout its 57 years history, the Company believed to have achieved the following competitive advantages:


» Diversified and fragmented customer base;

» Technical and operational excellence;

» Relevant percentage of revenue from long-term contracts;

» Recognized service quality.