The capital stock of COPASA is comprised only of common shares and has been traded on B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, since 8 February 2006, in the “Novo Mercado” segment, under the code “CSMG3”.

The holders of the Company’s shares are entitled to all the benefits assured to their common shares, including the full receipt of dividends/Interest on Equity and other proceeds of any nature that may be declared as of the date of their subscription/acquisition, in accordance with the provisions of the Brazilian Corporation Law, the Novo Mercado Listing Rules and the Bylaws of COPASA.

Type of share CSMG3 – Common shares (ON)
IPO February 2006
Amount of shares 380,253,069 common shares
Relevant Indices IBRX 100, IBRA, UTIL, IGCT, IDIV
Market Maker BTG Pacual
Book-entry Agent* Itaú Unibanco S/A

*Book-Entry Agent Investor Service (Itaú Unibanco S/A)

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Hearing and speech impaired: 0800 722 1722

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The bank Itaú Unibanco, the bookkeeping agent for COPASA MG shares, will send the document exclusively in digital form, through the Digital Correspondence Portal.

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