Code of Ethical Conduct (approved by the Board of Directors on 29 April 2005, revised on 19 September 2018 and revised in accordance with the Board of Directors Resolutions No. 006/20 and 113/20).

The Code of Ethical Conduct seeks to guide managers, employees, suppliers and all those related to COPASA, strengthening values, integrity and business ethics guiding daily practices, decision-making and other company policies.

The Code of Ethical Conduct applies to all employees, senior managers, fiscal board members and members of COPASA’s Audit Committee and its subsidiaries, as well as to suppliers, service providers, intermediary agents and associates who formally undertake to comply with the Code of Ethics, from the signing of contracts or any other instruments.

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COPASA’s Ethics Commission
Suami Cruz Leão (President)
Cristiano Ferreira Lara
João Batista Viana Cruz
Júnia Silveira Martins
Luciana de Oliveira Bráulio
Sônia Maria Fonseca Duarte

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